headonism : washism

the feelosophy of pleasure

the simple act of washing your hair can be one of pleasure in the senses : touch and smell fusing together in the natural instinct to look and feel good about yourself.


‘soak hair’
Traditional rituals of cleansing and purifying the body and mind vary the world over with a common purpose of refreshing, awakening, revitalising, de-toxifying, relaxation, simple pleasure, sexual stimulation.
In an ideal approach to washing hair – using cold water stimulates the pores of the scalp to open, allowing trapped oils (sebum) and any other unwanted particles to be washed away. To enhance any of the above : simply soak hair thoroughly

‘massage to lather’
Pour the appropriate amount into the cup of the hand. Distribute and massage the shampoo evenly through the hair – while experiencing the full presence of the scent.
Many traditional rituals include massage into the hair and scalp to stimulate or relax through pressure on specific points.
Tension is often held in the area of the scalp around the hairline. Gentle pressure by running your fingers around the hairline can help reduce tension and encourage relaxation or stimulation – as desired.

‘rinse out – repeat’ Headonism sees two parts to rinsing your hair after washing. Using cold water on the first rinse is best for washing away any foaming. The final rinse, being on a warmer temperature will help seal the pores and follicles while preparing the hair for conditioning, if desired.


‘apply from middle to ends of wet hair’
This is based on shoulder length hair.
Headonsim suggests pouring the appropriate amount of conditioner into your hands – then working this into the palms of your hands. Using a stroking process, apply to your hair.

‘use a large toothcombe – starting at the ends of your hair - comb down away from scalp until fully de-tangled’
Comb each section downwards – working out any tangles to create an even flow through the hair. This process will also help distribute the conditioner through your hair. For best results, comb hair when wet with conditioner on. We suggest a large toothcomb as opposed to a small comb, which has a tendency to tear the hair especially where the hair is tangled or damaged.

Generally, this method is sufficient to get ultimate benefits from the Headonism conditioner. However, if your hair is over-processed eg over-exposure to sun, chemically damaged, then we recommend that after combing the hair through – tie hair up and secure. Cover with a warm towel and leave on for anything from five to twenty minutes , depending on the extent of damage. Being in a steamed room eg bathroom, will contribute to this beneficial process.

'rinse well’
At this stage the hair will have taken from the Headonism conditioner what it naturally needs. Now simply rinse well any surface conditioner remaining.