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Smell is our most intuitive sense – directly linked to the brains emotional centre and can greatly influence your mood of the moment.

Since time began – scent has played a major role in our lives but the scientific revolution and the manipulation of this natural process has led to the proliferation of artificial fragrances with no effect other than side effects. The commercial perfume industry developed a method of cloning the fragrant essence of plants and flowers to give greater control over manufacturing continuity, standardisation and to reduce costs. Unfortunately, this chemical process takes away any therapeutic properties from the original essence – resulting in a false impression from a ‘cloned’ fragrance lacking body or depth.

Headonism is committed to using only organic plant essential oils containing all the life, dynamics and vitality of the plant – as nature intended.

Our fragrances are in a base of organic alcohol and organic witchhazel.

Headonism has formulated three unique rounded blends that invoke curiosity and intrigue while allowing you to experience all the therapeutic aspects of the individual essential oils within their composition.

Scent 1 : liberation – vitality – inspiration – creativity – elevation

Scent 2 : desire – luxury – arousal – sensuality – euphoria

Scent 3 : lightness – clarity – awareness – joy - positivity

This allows you to follow the same scent through your shampoo and conditioner or to create your own scentual experience by combining a different shampoo scent with a different conditioner scent.