Natural, organic shampoos available in three fragrances

Natural, organic conditioners available in three fragrances

Natural, organic fragrances available in three scents Information on our range of natural, organic scents


skin pollution : who needs it

It is recognised that prolonged use of cosmetic products containing a high level of synthetic ingredients can lead to skin allergies and reactions.

This led us to question how did people cleanse themselves prior to the synthetic revolution.

History tells us that up until mid-20th century most people simply cleansed with water or used simple soap bases of natural plant extracts, vinegars, ciders or hops.

As the scientific revolution infiltrated more of our everyday life from clothing, household furniture through to food, cosmetics and shampoo – chemical ingredients replaced the natural and traditional approach.

Convenience, cost-effectiveness and time was and still is the driving force behind manufacturing. This led to the marketing of ‘time and convenience’ as a positive aspect for the consumer who embraced this wholeheartedly.

Research and analysis is now realising the fall-out from this through increased allergic skin reactions and other related symptoms such as higher asthma rates in children – not forgetting the deplorable environmental legacy left through the heavy use of non-biodegradable chemicals and plastic packaging.

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