headonism : haircare

Our research and study into the history of how people wash their hair was hugely influential in how we formulated and developed our Headonism Haircare range to work across all hair types.

Cleansing the natural way

The hair’s natural oil (sebum) is the best oil for nourishing your hair and scalp. Rinsing the hair through daily with just water and no product then combing through to distribute the natural oils – the oils will initially overproduce leading to greasy hair and itchy scalp. However, eventually your oils will regulate their distribution to leave your hair feeling healthier, thicker and with more volume – the negative to this approach is that your scalp will still feel itchy, dirty and the overall smell of your scalp and hair will not be pleasant.
‘ my scalp felt itchy…my hair felt thicker and fuller but smelt really awful’

Synthetic approach – how most people wash their hair

Regular shampoo and conditioners are designed to seal the scalp and suppress the natural oils (sebum). Synthetic ingredients used to coat the hair shaft leave the hair feeling stripped, heavy and flat while also attracting more dirt/dust particles that cling to the hair. This leads to the viscious cycle of feeling that you have to wash your hair more often – this in turn leads to the hair becoming dry and brittle.
‘my hair goes too flat when I wash it…by the third day it looked better but I felt I needed to wash it’

Headonism – a balanced approach

Headonism is designed to work more in harmony with your hair using a unique synergy of plant-derived cleansers, organic herb complex and essential oils that naturally nourish the hair and scalp.
Rather than sealing the natural oils (sebum), Headonism helps to support and regulate the balance of this process by using mild natural detergents and herbs that contribute to the nourishment and health of your hair and scalp – leaving your hair feeling clean with volume and natural shine.
Our shampoo and conditioner scents are not designed to conflict with your daily perfume/cologne – but are blended to impart a subtle and intimate fragrance.

‘there was volume from day one’
‘my hair felt lush to touch’
‘the touch and feel of my hair is now so natural’
‘my hair feels like it did when I was a child’
‘headonism is the only shampoo that has brought out the natural tones in my hair’
‘I’ve never had so many people say how wonderful my hair smells’

Natural, organic shampoos and conditioners available in three scents