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product design and development

It is well known that consumers are increasingly looking for a more niche product – one with integrity, excellent performance and without many of the well-known harsh synthetic ingredients.

Are you disillusioned with the products that you are already using?. This may be with regard to performance, packaging, service or simply that your current product range does not cater for an increasingly discerning customer looking for a more natural approach.

Have you ever considered the difference between margins and costs buying from your current suppliers compared with the profit potentials of creating, developing and marketing your own label range – not to mention the prestige.

Headonism can offer you a ‘one stop shop’ tailored service that will take your idea all the way from original product design, formulation, packaging design, material sourcing, fragrance blending through to branding and marketing.

As specialists in the development of natural and organic products – Headonism can take all the pressure, time and stress out of creating your very own range – offering a service that brings the whole process under one roof and within a reduced timescale. Instead of having to deal with a myriad of companies, consultants, sales executives and suppliers, Headonism can administer the full development process for you – under one roof.

The steps involved in developing your own product / product range:

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